Bus Program

At Sol Food Mobile Farm we offer two different types of educational experiences from our mobile farm classroom- Expositions and Workshops.  From June to December, we will be traveling 9,00 miles around the United States offering ten workshops and fifty expos. Our method of transportation is on board our Sol Food Bus!



All expos and workshops will begin and end with our sustainable bus classroom! Workshops will be five to six day and length and will focus on building a commuity garden with children and young adults from the local area.  Each community garden that we start with be complete with a waste water collection system, a compost station and a tool shed.

Expos will be held at various community gatherings around the country; including but not limited to: music festivals, art walks, farmers markets, neighborhood events and street fairs.  Each expo will be one to two days and length and will include: tours of our sustainable bus, take-home literature and seed starter kits for visitors and workshops in our mobile greenhouse.

To learn more about Expos or Workshops in your area please explore our website further or contact us directly for booking information.  We appreciate all community support of these educational opportunities.